Discovery Air

Aircraft Life Support Equipment Manager

Location: Montreal, QC or Ottawa, ON

Top Aces is the exclusive supplier of combat airborne training services to the Canadian Forces. We provide joint terminal attack controller training to Canadian special operations and ground forces, Red Air and electronic attack training to CF-18 aircrew and navy, as well as live-fire target practice to the Canadian military.  Top Aces' integrated logistics, maintenance and engineering solutions ensure that the Canadian Forces receives the level of support they require to achieve their objectives. Experience Matters.


For current and future fleets (Alpha Jet, F-16, A-4N, TA-4J, West Wind)

Manage Existing Aircraft Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Fleet

Manage ALSE replacement budget (estimate, approve, track)
Track status of ALSE against Maintenance Program (use AMS or other system)
Direct accomplishment of the Maintenance Program including scheduled inspection
Procure / replace / restore Time Compliance Items that are part of ALSE or content
Task company resources for deployed Support
Advise and report on the current approved ALSE suite configuration and contents lis
Develop and maintain ISO processes for ALSE
Actively Participate in company Safety Management System (SMS)

Manage Aircraft Mounted Survival Equipment (RSSK8, PSP, Survival Kit, Life Raft

Track Configuration of containers and contents
Ensure Aircrew Manuals accurately reflect configuration
Manage the execution of design changes on Survival equipment
Procure / replace / restore Time Compliance Items that are part of SKs
Advise and report on the current approved SK contents and configuration

Coordinate with Fleet Managers on Escape System Maintenance

Ensure that ALSE maintenance and configuration changes are coordinated with ejection system maintenance.

Develop new ALSE suites or changes to existing suites

Select ALSE, containers and/or new contents
Generate procurement budget and liaise with Logistics on purchase
Generate approval strategy (via research, testing or other)
Execute approval strategy and document the approval
Verify compatibility with the aircraft and aircrew
Manage the development of mods to ALSE (auto-activation, UWARS)

Supervise the ALSE center

Direct supervisor for ALSE center staff
Oversight and coordination of initial and recurrent ALSE qualification training 
Nominate select pilots and Technicians as ALSE SMEs
In conjunction with Maintenance, oversight of Development, delivery and audit ALSE inspection training and qualification

Technical Investigation

Perform for FSIs, or other queries related to the performance of ALSE.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

ALSE Equipment, escape systems and survial equipment

Explosive Handling for ALSE equipment, including packaging, managing explosive inventory and Dangerous Goods

Design of ALSE (water immersion, windblast, fire protection, etc.)

Cockpit and Escape System Compatibility  for ALSE   (Fit/Form/Function)    

Documentation and maintenance procedures IAW OEM manuals, DND CFTO’s, NAVAIR pubs and applicable Canadian Air Regulations

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers

Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion, work under pressure and meet deadlines

Maintenance program management

Design standards applicable to ALSE

Occasional travel will be required 

Ability to obtain a “Secret” security clearance with the Canadian Government and the ability to gain access to the Canadian Controlled Goods Program

Ability to perform all work in support of our Corporate Values of Safety, Teamwork, Focus, Innovation and Integrity

Demonstrates strong and visible support of our values

Working in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety acts and regulations 

Following safe work practices and procedures and using safeguards and personal protective equipment

Reporting hazards (such as unsafe situations and activities) to their supervisor immediately.

Top Aces is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We value diversity and encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

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